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Someday, maybe, the SCOTUS will get honest about this (apologies to Nino). - Or not.
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

12/24/2021, 13:48:47

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Letter: Concealed carry must have permit

It appears Nebraska may be heading towards a vote concerning gun ownership and gun control. There is a difference, yet they can coexist.

Current court decisions have validated that the Second Amendment does provide for private ownership of guns. Gun control is about laws providing for the safe and proper use of guns.

Sen. Tom Brewer wants a Nebraska constitutional amendment granting the right for individuals to carry concealed weapons with no need for a license. This not what we would call safe and proper use of a firearm. In our responsible and safe society, requiring a license to carry a concealed firearm does not restrict gun ownership as Sen. Brewer is implying.

Sorry, Senator, but you’re misguided on this one. For one to carry a concealed firearm, we will continue to require a license.

Paul Morrison, Lincoln

Barry Hirsh

Concealed carry permits are a "yes, but..." nullification of a black-letter constitutional prohibition.

The word "except" doesn't appear in the Second Amendment. Its absence is a conspicuous declaration that the right therein referenced, when exercised for peaceable, lawful purposes, absolutely CAN NOT be interfered with.

Sorry, but that's what it says in plain English. There is no contorted 'interpretation' of that guarantee that excepts government actions from its concise prohibition, regardless of any subsequent legislation or court opinion.


Liberty is paramount. Government is an afterthought.

Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

Liberals are people who stand on their heads and insist that the world is upside-down.

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