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Officer Potter
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Posted by: mindnspirit

12/23/2021, 17:59:35

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I am saddened and dismayed that officer Potter was found guilty on both counts. I also cannot stand this Judge's manner. A lot of attention was paid to the differences between a Taser and Handgun but no one ever brought up the similarity, in that they both have a hand grip, a trigger guard and a trigger. In a crisis moment, they can feel the same to the hand. She was not looking at her belt but at the action going on. Further, once again what brought on the death as inappropriate and tragic as it might be? THE BEHAVIOR OF THE DECEASED!!!!! If he did not struggle with the police - unheard of in my day, he would still be alive today. To me, many of these cases are more like suicide by police, then police wrong doing. On a lighter note please see "how to not get your ass beat by the police" by Chris Rock on UTube. This video should be shown in every high school in the country.

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