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Honey Elizabeth is a friend, a retired LEO, who wrote this on FB today. Her son was kidnapped....
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Posted by: Dee Wee ®

12/21/2021, 09:25:58

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I stood on the back stoop of our then little house. For 19 years I searched and grieved over my baby boy who was stolen from me at 3 months of age. There was an empty hole where my heart had been that nothing could fill and so that early evening I had decided to end my life. I stepped outside to take in what was left of the day before I planned to re-enter my home, take my service weapon and end my life. But standing there looking up at the heavens I felt a strong need to call out to God saying, "I don't know if you're real or not but if you are, take my life and do whatever you want to with it." I was instantly changed. I no longer wished to die. My desire now was to know God and serve Him.

And I soon discovered He had a plan that was bigger than anything I could ever imagine.
Three months later at 3 a.m. my husband answered our door. Standing there in the glow of our front porch light was my 19 year old son, Bobby. He'd been looking for me since he was 16 when the woman who stole him was dying of cancer, had given him what information she still had about me and his search began. Then, in that early morning hour, God brought him to our doorstep.
Bobby and I had 15 years together and because of my Salvation Bobby also came to know Jesus. August 28th 2001.

Bobby and his wife of 4 months, and three months pregnant, checked into a motel. As Bobby stepped from the office, two car loads of gang members drove by and began shooting. My Bobby died in his wife's arms. He was an innocent victim of random violence.
A few months later I felt the need to review Bobby's autopsy report and discovered he had a fatal kidney disease. My Bobby was going to die a painful and lingering death.
I believe God brought us back together after my Salvation so that not only could we be together again but so Bobby would find Salvation in Christ as well. I believe God allowed Bobby to go home that night rather than him, his wife, or I watch him, suffer that painful, lingering death. Bobby's wife went on to have a little girl but in Dec. of 2011 she fell asleep and her heart just stopped beating. And she too went to be with Jesus.

My granddaughter finished high school and wants to join the Navy, get her education and become a cardiac surgeon. She also will be marrying a Marine in the next few months….

There are many things I don't understand in this life. But this I do know, everything I've been through was another stepping stone on my pathway to Jesus. He knew my tears and sorrows. And He knew there were more to come. But he gave me the desires of my heart and returned my stolen son to me.
And now, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ I have the promise of eternal life with Jesus and my precious son Bobby.
Sometimes I weep when I recall the pain I've endured. But nothing I've ever suffered comes close to agony Christ endured on the cross for ... me.

What satan meant for evil God meant for good. Blessed be the name of the Lord!
Honey Elizabeth

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