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Welcome, sieur! Flat boards have advantages that other formats do not (but they require some understanding to utilize).
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/15/2021, 13:47:32

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I used to feel as you about flat format boards. But once I got into it, I sort of prefer it (one may view the entire conversation on a single page) unlike other boards where only new posts are displayed.

This Forum has very esteemed, bright, brilliant, successful people on it in every sense of those terms. I would venture to say, exemplars in many regards.

We have had visits and participation of a large number of well-known conservative super-stars over the years. I will not betray confidences by naming them.

Suffice to say that this Forum is very much on the cutting edge of conservative discourse and likely will be for some time.

McConnell's removal is more easily said than done. That being said it would be inspiring to see this accomplished, since he has shown a tendency to refuse to take risks vis-a-vis his own career.

If you move on (drive-by as you put it) that is very sincerely your loss and that of those whom you aspire to inspire or edumacate (sic) or motivate in conservative ideology/culture.

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