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LGBTXYZ dislike Chappelle intensely. He has the audacity to call all of the "controversy" about gender IDIOTIC. Ironically...
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12/12/2021, 17:38:51

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...what is arguably one of the more-compelling items of logic which indict Smollett's version of events turns out to be that Subway sandwich he bought. It has been pointed out that in most (all) similar scenarios involving violent assaults on people such as Smollett claimed, victims invariably leave whatever incidental items they may have purchased (such as sandwiches, groceries, cigarettes etc.) and been carrying when attacked, at the scene.

People attacked with such violence do not as a rule, retrieve small items dropped when attacked, (such as a sandwich) and take them home with them as Smollett admitted to doing. They leave such items at the scene. Adrenaline rush tends to kill appetite immediately and for some time after, then a feeling of exhaustion is a usual secondary-reaction, not hunger.

The fact that the moron took the sandwich home (presumably to enjoy when he got there) further discredited the validity of his claim as far as law-enforcement investigators were concerned. It demonstrated that in fact the whole thing was not traumatizing for him at all, but rather something that was apparently no big deal emotionally.

That reaction is similar to how detectives view supposedly "close" relatives or loved-ones who are not highly upset when they learn of their loved-one's murder. It's a BIG red flag (directly from elementary psychology on, "normal/abnormal affects").

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