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"Facts to ACFs are like Kryptonite to Superman." Rush Limbaugh
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse Sends Biden A Challenge – He Wants To Sit Down With The President To “Explain The Facts” -- Patriot Journal -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/11/2021, 17:34:17

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ACFs = Anti-Conservative Fanatics

The absolute last thing Xiden or any other 'Crat wants to discuss with anyone in a rational dialectic are facts.   

Being opposed to anything conservatives believe is the only meaningful definition of the beliefs of people who are self-described "liberal or very liberal" today. The only thing you know for sure about the beliefs of self-described "liberals" is that whatever conservatives are for, they oppose. 

This has gotten so utterly insane that ACFs are now opposing things that until very recently were accepted by most normal people/government officials as givens - civil (non-violent) society, Capitalism, tailoring laws to protect hard-working/law-abiding people over criminals, maintaining national security/secure borders, actively supporting U.S. businesses/economic growth through sane government policies, working cooperatively with/supporting foreign allies, supporting freedom/liberty in the world through strong, consistent foreign policy, maintaining public trust in an impartial government/judiciary/justice system, maintaining a strong military. 

None of those above things are part of the current Democrat party platform (in anything other than lip-service) these days.

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