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Cue: David the Robot (Michael Fasbender): The trick William Potter, is not minding that it hurts
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/08/2021, 03:39:29

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That line was one of several mystical references in Prometheus. Director Ridley Scott always seems to like to throw one or two into his films. To me it looked like Prometheus had more than a few.  

In the original Alien there was a poignant moment when Ripley had triggered the self-destruct of Nostromo, only to regret it then desperately try to cancel it. She is standing in a corridor surrounded by catastrophe, cacaphony, chaos, screaming in frustration at the ship's computer named "Mother", to cancel the self-destruct. The countdown proceeds calmly despite her child-like pleading - a metaphor for how many immature or abused teen (girls) feel toward what seem to them dissociated, emotionally-unavailable mothers. 

As I have been taught, we who think of ourselves as moral (good) fight the good fight - the ultimate outcome is not our concern, but that of the Almighty. 

That is the up-side of Calvinism - one no longer need be attached to the fruits of one's endeavors (karma) - only to the perfection of the human soul in the process of realizing aspirations (dharma).

We as conscious beings often have little control over what we perceive/experience - we do have control over which of our perceptions/experiences we choose to focus our awareness upon. 

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