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Xidenisms continue...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/05/2021, 17:35:46

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...I remember all of the infantile abuse DJT got for every slightest error such as when he accidentally sent a tweet with a misspelled word because he hit a couple of wrong keys and forgot to edit before sending; "covffee" - the moronic 'Crats howled that he was going senile or was insane.

Biden just did a press meet where he kept referring to Om-NI-cron (it's Omicron) over and over again. Fauci even covered for him by mispronouncing it himself. Maybe he should just call it New Zee (Nu/Xi).

How far do Xiden's supporters intend to go pretending that he is normal? Will "Barely-There" Biden start doing appearances naked while his press secretary insists that he's actually fully dressed? Will the government threaten punishment/prison for anyone who says otherwise?

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