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The Nu/Xi variant, not Omicron.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/04/2021, 22:23:23

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We know damn well that if the virus variants were named after people in alphabetical order and the next one was "Trump" it would have been gleefully declared and broadcast far and wide with every last ounce of Marxist/ACF fervor.

Refusing to label the next Wuhan Flu version by its Greek letters following Mu (Nu then Xi) was an obvious, disgusting kowtowing to the PRC by the insufferably, blatantly corrupt WHO. As I recall the WHO was and is party to the initial and on-going efforts of the PRC to cover-up/deflect/deny the origin of the Covid-19 plague as being Wuhan. The WHO vermin are clearly horribly corrupt to the core of their being.

DJT was right to cut funding for the WHO and only a Marxist cacogen like Xiden would have restored it. Like the U.N. the WHO itself is a relic from an age when Marxists and other ACF had not infested the world's so-called International Aid Organizations.

We of the US could much more-effectively/efficiently distribute our foreign aid dollars directly without the UN or the WHO. They are both useless except to cacogenic tyrants, muzz terrorist networks or the odious, murderous PRC government. Then we would not have to worry about our money being given to muzz terrorist networks and other monstrous, savage lunatics as it often is by the U.N. and WHO.

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