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Marxist dialectic.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/26/2021, 19:11:50

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Marxism has "original sins". It copied the concept from Christianity, of course. It merely substituted sins against the Glorious Revolution for sins against God.

In Marxism, anything which interferes with the State's freedom to do ANYTHING IT DEEMS NECESSARY to accomplish political objectives, such as people defending themselves against tyrannical Marxists, is verbotten.

Individual freedom limits government freedom, so it must go. Simple. Marxists simply manufacture strange moral equivalency arguments to neutralize the U.S. Constitution (in their own minds).

A large part of Marxist dogma has to do with methods of convincing themselves that they have the moral high ground, even when committing atrocities against the population they seek to subjugate.

People who object to being subjugated must be condemned and exterminated.

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