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'Crat crime wave hits Los Angeles hard...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/25/2021, 15:15:31

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As I predicted awhile back, the Xiden crime-wave has hit L.A., Mexifornia. 

In the last several years (trends began before the Wuhan Plague hit) non-enforcement of the law encouraged more violent crime. 

This time the well-to-do are being impacted with an explosion in auto-burglaries in media districts, follow-home armed robberies, ripoffs of celebrities, repeat-burglaries of wealthy neighborhoods - and now, high-end stores (stocking luxury items) like one last night at the Topanga Mall (on famed Topanga Canyon Blvd) in mostly-white, affluent Woodland Hills, CA.

All of the targeted area above are mostly-white neighborhoods. Not just' cause of the Baby-Faced Nelson cliche' answer when asked, "Why do you rob banks?" which was, "Because that's where the money is", but also because of the new element of most black/Latino criminals targeting Caucasian neighborhoods - IOW, anti-white racism. 

Hilariously "Hair-boy" Gavin Newsom took some time off from waging vindictive, Stalin-style payback against his "enemies" who tried to recall him, by making a statement demanding the "California mayors step up," to stop the tidal wave of violent crime engulfing the state/cities. 

From my POV, a 'Crat like "Hair-boy" Newsom scolding other 'Crats for "not doing enough to fight crime" is much like Adolf Hitler scolding Germans for not doing enough to fight anti-Semitism. 

One by one the narratives of the 'Crats are being subsumed by Reality. Cognitive dissonance is swiftly being dispelled by Reality Checks of people's own eyes, ears and ability to think critically. 

Even those who are not inclined to be deeply read or knowledgeable about public policy are putting things together. 

When the well-off, the rich and the super rich (who pay most of the taxes) start to feel the impact of the licentiousness of their "leaders" directly (is there any prosperous person who does not feel hunted in So Cal these days, I wonder) we have reached a cusp. 

Even though the voters of Mexifornia were insane enough to vote themselves a huge gasoline tax INCREASE (by defeating a public initiative that would have repealed the higher gas-taxes passed by the Mexifornia legislature) those above the poverty-line may react differently in the coming months. 

As often happens with 'Crats, they never curb their own radicalism - they always push everything as far as they can toward a one-political Party, radical socialist tyranny until the public votes them out of office. 

So a capable Republican governor candidate may be in Mexifornia's future. Rep. Mike Garcia are you listening? 

Latinos are largely and increasingly sick of the direction the state of Mexifornia is being led. Government support for/ protection of the BLM black-supremacy movement, transgender/homosexual/pedosexual-fetishism, godlessness, ever-higher taxes, over-regulation/suppression of healthy economic growth are rankling middle-class (and aspiring middle-class) Latinos. 

Even the dullest among the Latino voting populace are starting to understand that allowing California to become just as corrupt, chaotic and messed up as Mexico is probably not what they really want. 

The New Normal of roving savages (and now bigger and bigger gangs of savages) raiding stores at will is starting to get to people. The only way anyone really wants to revisit the Old West is in movies. They don't really want the 1850s to return. 

Silly as people can be they really don't want to be dragged back to a time when raids on businesses were commonplace and if you wanted protection, you had to mobilize/arm the people of your community into a posse/militia. Waiting for the government to help was a recipe for losing everything you owned to criminals. 

As with virtually everything else that counts, the 'Crats are dragging not just Mexifornia or the USA back to the bad-old-days, they are doing it to the entire civilized world. 

That's because despite what the 'Crats/Marxists maintain, as goes the USA, so goes the rest of the world (to a large extent). 

 If even the US cannot maintain an orderly, civil society, many in other nations lose hope for themselves. Since 'Crats/Marxists don't derive any sense of security from ideas like civil society or order (they get all warm and snug only when sewing chaos and helping to destroy the USA as it has been for centuries) they are grotesquely insensitive to that. 

The mounting tide of despair in other lands because they see the US itself being damaged/destroyed before them has zero effect on 'Crats. 

Largely and increasingly, to be a 'Crat these days is to be a vicious, ignorant, chaos-enabling coward with delusions of "genius". 

Just as Hitler saw himself and the Nazis as the Master Race, so in their own way do the 'Crats/Marxists. Tyrannical political movements are always started, sustained and prolonged by willing, emotionally-sick facilitators. 

Something similar to what is happening now took place in South Africa. I have friends who once lived in SA - they said that shortly after the Big Change (blacks took over the government) everything went to shit. Crimes (especially against whites) skyrocketed. home-invasion/rapes/aggravated assaults/murders increased by ten times and have never gone down. 

 HIV/AIDS rapidly became the biggest cause of premature death in the country. Whites unable to afford private armed security became easy prey and the government offered only excuses to this day. 

The renown Great Marxist Goal of Equality by Subtraction is underway in the USA. See, Marxists believe that if everyone cannot be made equally prosperous/secure, then it is necessary to make everyone equally insecure/poor. 

Even though most voters say that they don't believe in that philosophy, they continue to vote for radical revolutionary socialists and their flunkies who do. 

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