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Waukesha mass murderer imitating look of "predator" creature from the movie.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/25/2021, 06:13:10

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...or maybe the murderous albino flying/fading demon-twins (with the dreads) from the Matrix. 

The fool was "singing" the praises of Satanism (vengeance, drug abuse, sexual assault of minors, robbery, murder) in his "mu-suck" (as I like to call rap/hip-hop). 

This is the gift of a pop-culture which has become something which largely and increasingly glorifies inequity, sin and psychopathic rage. H-Wood typically portrays morality as weakness and evil as "strong". 

These unconsciously effect weak-minded like the Butcher of Waukesha. 

I dub that monstrous, murderous freak "Predator" - which is no doubt one of the fantasies which helped to perpetuate and excite his own latent psychotic process. 

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