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To Marxists/black supremacists, every Caucasian who disagrees with them strongly about anything is a racist.
Re: "Extremist [right-wing] groups already felt there was a license to do this kind of thing." - What kind of thing? You mean, like justifiable self-defense? OMG, we're DOOMED!!!!! <eyecross> -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

11/21/2021, 14:07:33

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It is commonplace for Marxists to identify and then wield whatever the worst accusations are as weapons to defeat (exterminate) their adversaries.

I used the term "adversaries" because that's how conservatives view ACFs, as adversaries. ACFs themselves view anti-Marxists as enemies - people whom they not only wish to defeat in matters of public policy debate, but also destroy utterly (even murder).

It's the same psychological issue that always emerges with ACFs - they assume that their adversaries (enemies) are as hyper-partisan, vicious and amoral as they are themselves.

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