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As always, the ACF's statement says infinitely more about her than it does about the topic.
Re: "the “winner” of a deadly altercation can just say they felt threatened and the victim is no longer there to suggest otherwise." -- Julie London, "Cry me a river." -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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11/21/2021, 13:08:28

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People (particularly those of lower self-awareness) commonly project onto others their own proclivities. Clearly she herself is the sort of person who routinely tries to deceive people by the described means, so she naturally assumes that others do the same. 

"It is impossible for anyone to conceive of a morality superior to their own." - CG Jung *

* The reason this is true is; anyone who recognizes superior morality, takes it as their own. IOW, they do not recognize it as superior unless they adopt it as their own.   

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