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The eradication of "sheep dogs" is part and parcel of the howling mobs of ACFs in regard to KR's acquittal on all charges.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/20/2021, 14:16:35

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ACFs can't STAND strong, independent, well-armed people.

Once I had a conversation with a friend who was a combat veteran with a great deal of experience in warfare (Vietnam and aftermath). Many of the things he did for the government he will not discuss casually except in very general terms.

I once lamented how I often felt as if I did not "fit in" with society, because people in general seemed taken aback by my own desire to see "accountability/punishment' administered to people who were misbehaving in violent ways. IOW, I liked the idea of shooting some people and felt no remorse or reluctance to deliver that punishment/accountability personally with my own violence against THEM!!

Sure, it's a constant challenge as a Christian to separate my own personal inclination to want to see "justice" delivered immediately to those guilty of grievous criminal harm to innocent people. This is the burden of all civilized people, so I do not resent it.

He reassured me that there was nothing wrong with me, but that I was merely a "sheep dog". He explained that there are some animals (canines trained to protect grazing herds of herbivores) which are efficient, enthusiastic, savage fighters. A sheep dog will engage in fighting to-the-death sometimes if they encounter a wolf or other predator. This enthusiasm to commit violence he explained, is not a bad thing but rather simply something that people who don't share that desire do not understand. Because people who don't have a strong affinity for violence (even righteous violence) respond with fear to those who do, such people often feel alienated from them.

He said that this is the plight of sheep dogs. He said that I was a sheep dog and that I would be well served to simply accept that most people would never understand this.

Sheep dogs are only violent if attacked or if those they are protecting are attacked. Otherwise, they are (like me) very friendly, happy creatures who are more-inclined to want to play with than to attack any other creature.

The fact that most people are sheep is a fact of our time. Peaceful times tend to breed more sheeple than sheep dogs. Smart people understand the necessity for sheep dogs. Cacogens indulge in the fantasy that a propensity for engaging in violence without remorse, is in itself a sign of pathology. IOW, cacogens believe that there is no significant difference between a sheep dog and a wolf.

There is. The wolf attacks the harmless sheep, while a sheep-dog protects them. That is a difference which is as big as the entire universe.

So I have accepted my nature. Most will never understand the mind of a person like me, any more than they would understand the mind of a sheep dog.

Since God forgives ignorant people for their lack of understanding, I do as well. But I recognize that there are and will always be those among us who the masses will not comprehend as being necessary so long as there is violent infamy in the world.

And so with gods and men
The sheep remain inside their pen
Until the Shepard leads His flock away.

- Genesis (rock band) from "Firth of Fifth" on album Nursery Crime (1971)

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