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Give it time.
Re: They won't permit a crowd funding site. All of those for his defense costs were taken down by the platforms. (aka Lefties) -- robertb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/16/2021, 05:20:19

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One of the reasons the ACFs want to get rid of capitalism is that markets always find a way to circumvent oppressive efforts of governments/political movements to eradicate competition. 

Over the years, many conservatives have been discriminated against by one sort of fascist swine  or another. But ultimately, they were able to get funded through other platforms. 

It's the same way DJT is providing alternatives to the Marxist-controlled Twitter and other socialist media. As long as capitalism exists Marxists will never be able to eradicate opponents using the same means to support themselves (such as crowd funding) that the Marxist's enjoy. 
Like I said, give it time. Eventually (sooner than you think) Kyle will become a millionaire. I seldom make predictions about such things, but I will in this case.

It has happened before with other conservatives and other normal people who were targets of Marxist attempts to destroy them using process-punishment (government oppression). Crowd funding websites refused to sponsor them, then eventually one emerged that did enable them to participate in the gathering of income. 

Unless the laws change (i.e., the U.S. Constitution is finally eradicated) it will always be legal for people to give money to each other for any reason they like. That's one of the benefits of capitalism/private ownership that never occurs to people until they are either victims or benefactors of the situation. 

As long as it's legal, capitalism will find a way. That's because Capitalism is an extension of Natural Law while tyranny/ACF is a function of evil, which cannot withstand the Will of God.  

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