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If he did have a bad reaction, guaranteed he wouldn't admit it. He's a cacogen...
Re: LOL! He showed up at the Getty wedding with a mask on and even made a speech from his office on Monday (13 days after his jab) Shaky hands, weird voice. -- Dee Wee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

11/14/2021, 14:26:01

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...and cacogens lie by first nature, not second. They lie like Persian rugs. They lie like dogs. They lie when telling the truth would do just as well, so they don't get out of practice.

I got a booster recently and it KICKED MY ASS!! The idea of putting a child (or anyone else) through that without a dire reason is horrible.

Thank goodness the Fifth Circuit is putting the kibosh on the latest round of tyrannical lunacy from the Xiden regime.

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