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From the comments section - re ACF Taylor Swift uses her fame to snipe ex-boyfriend.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/14/2021, 14:22:22

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Swift, who has become an anti-conservative fanatic, apparently performed a song she wrote (bad idea) about a bad relationship with an H-Wood actor (Jake Gyllenhaal) on Stupid, No Laughs (SNL). One of the comments after the article derisively called her "the village bicycle". I'll let you figure it out. 'Funny because it's true.

She is a spoiled little brat, born rich with no clue about real life for 99% of Humanity, but thinks she's "wise". Like most pop- gurus.

Cue: Dwayne Johnson to Kevin Hart (from movie Central Intelligence): We're a SUPER COUPLE, dude! Just like Bogie and Bacall, Jennifer and Brad...or Taylor Swift and whoever she's dating now...

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