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Deft Stalinist mendacity has become the norm for any and all 'Crats. They have learned it on a gut level.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/15/2021, 05:04:17

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The biggest strength of anti-conservative-fanaticism is that it exploits the natural proclivity of highly emotional people to deceive themselves.

Where conservatives and other normal people see misinformed ignorance, deception they try to correct it - where 'Crats see the same thing, they merely seek to magnify and exploit it.

The latter ('Crats) capitalize on the pervasive ingrained desire to hear comforting lies, the former (conservatism) relies on the recessive, increasingly-rare desire to hear the truth even if it is unpleasant.

Making moral arguments to people who don't give a fig about morality is an exercise in political suicide.

Bottom line is that ACFs are infinitely better liars, deceivers and tyrants because THEY ARE NOT ENCUMBERED BY ANY SORT OF MORAL CONSTRAINT. Anti-conservative-fanatics simply do whatever is required to get power and hold it, regardless of any other consideration.

Conservatism is the only political movement still concerned about morality. That is why conservatives are getting their asses kicked all over the place. Not one-in-1000 conservative politicians have read or digested Machiavelli as a political realist.

The 'Crats have figured out how to "appeal to interest" the way Benjamin Franklin explained was necessary to persuade over an appeal to intellect.

Trying to run against 'Crats these days is like trying to run against Santa Claus, as far as most Mexifornia voters are concerned. They see themselves getting more goodies from the 'Crats than the non-'Crats so they vote for them. It's not rocket science.

Unless the conservatives figure out how to appeal to interest, they will never persuade the public to reject Marxism until it is far too late for them to do anything about it - just as happened in other nations which went Marxist.

People have largely become vicious, cowardly brats, which the 'Crats have learned to mercilessly exploit.

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