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Mexifornia decides it's better to continue to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/15/2021, 00:00:42

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The only thing that will ever change the political climate in Mexifornia is a complete, unmitigated catastrophe that is blatantly connected to actions by 'Crats in the perception of the voters (assuming legitimate voting can ever take place again).

But due to the institutionalized corruption of the ACF mass media (which no longer informs, but indoctrinates) even then people would be propagandized into being convinced otherwise, and the state would simply collapse into chaos.

This is a glaring example of the Leadership Paradox in full force. No honest, effective, moral leadership will ever be elected again in this state.

The Age of the Dominion of Cacogens has progressed to its next phase - the Ruling Class will now preside of the decline/destruction of Mexifornia with the full complicity of deluded, amoral, Satanic voters and criminal, corrupt voting officials.

Mexifornia is overthrown. The Marxists and other ACFs bent on the destruction of liberty, sanity and justice are firmly, unshakably in control. They will demolish the state (using their military arm ANTIFA/BLM) before they ever relinquish power.

Saul Alinsky apparently understood and learned from what Niccolo Machiavelli warned about so many centuries ago - how fascism / wickedness triumphs over morality in the brutality of dominion.

One does not get the government one deserves so much as the government that is most responsive to the vulnerabilities of an uninformed, deluded, ignorant populace.

The average voter in Mexifornia is an infantile, self-serving pig without the slightest capacity for critical thinking or morality.

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