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'Should be an interesting acceptance speech at the R&R Hall of Fame...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/13/2021, 17:49:26

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...from musician/savant Todd Rundgren when he is inducted this year. I'm not certain exactly WHAT he is being inducted, record-production, sound-engineering, innovation in music technology/marketing - being a good father to actress Liv Tyler and all-'round nice guy (reputedly)...his career is sort of singular - clearly Rundgren is very talented at "hearing" hits before they are recorded, but not able to generate a lot of gold/platinum hits for himself, nor sell-out big venues as a performing artist. Never a true superstar.

Maybe they should just create a new award for, "Excellence in Being Todd Rundgren," and leave it at that.

After once again failing to be inducted in 2016 Rundgren said bitterly of the practice in an interview: "If I told you about how they actually determine who gets into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame you'd think that I was bullshitting you, because I've been told what's involved. ... It's just as corrupt as anything else, and that's why I don't care."

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