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Finding great actors to portray compelling characters is hard enough...
Re: "I think Dennis Farina actually spoke that way, so he wasn't putting on an accent." - Dennis Farina actually WAS a Chicago P.D. detective before becoming known as an actor. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/10/2021, 19:18:27

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...trying to find a dozen or so great actors who can portray  compelling characters AND do a convincing Chicago accent is nigh impossible. You are wise beyond words in many things, General, but you would never have made a good T.V. producer. 

NOTE: The actors who had the accents in the Fugitive were likely extras or under-fives*. That is much easier for a casting director to deliver than a full cast of principles. 

* Under five - an actor who has less than five lines in a script. For example, when the principle (actor) races to the crime scene and asks a uniformed officer, "Which way did he go?" and the uniformed cop points and says, "He went that way!!" THAT is an "under-five" actor. They make scale (about $500 a day and that's it - easy to budget and find with casting calls). 

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