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There is a principle of psychology...
Re: Oh, really? 'Sounds like a threat t'ME. 'Sound like a threat t'YOU? -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/10/2021, 18:48:11

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...often when people express an expectation, what they are really doing is expressing a preference or hope.

See, there is no rational reason to expect that LEOs would shoot open-carriers more, unless the officers who shoot them are poorly-trained and/or trigger-happy morons looking for a chance to murder someone under pretense of "law enforcement".

Most people inclined to own and carry openly are either private security in uniform, or otherwise more-informed than the general public about how to conduct themselves so as to not get shot by LEOs who may arrive on the scene of a shooting.

So there is no positive spin on such an atrociously asinine statement. He must resign or be fired. He does not have the proper attitude to enforce deadly-force protocols with a subordinate group.

It suggests a nod-and-wink POV for LEOs who hate vigilantism in any form, legal or not. That "fuck you and your rights, we'll just shoot you anyway" is much like the attitude of criminal gang members toward LEOs.

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