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Excellent point! I'd missed that.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/10/2021, 18:34:09

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Now that you mention it. Of course, I doubt many could pick out a "Chicago" accent. It's not Philadelphia, the Bronx, New Jersey, Boston, Texas, Atlanta, Alabama or Fargo. The producers probably figured it was not necessary for their target audience (police dramas like Law and Order: Permanent Victims Unit) to enjoy, so they gave the casting people free rein to shop for actors w/o needing them to have an accent.

I think Dennis Farina actually spoke that way, so he wasn't putting on an accent. Asking an entire staff to fake a Chicago accent would be...difficult to sell to an executive producer or casting agency.

BTW, is there anything better than a Chicago-style dog on a cold day !?! (Gimme TWO!!) I don't think so. It's the spicy pepper that makes it fresca!! But it has to be authentic baby Serrano or something, not pepperoncini (tres GAUCHE monsieur!).

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