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It's a political maneuver - the 'Crats believe the issue favors them, so they are trying to keep it front and center.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/10/2021, 18:22:21

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They want to start a fight in the parking lot, because they believe the crowd will support them. It is frankly, a deft political move. One hopes the conservatives and small-"L" libertarians advocating for opposition to government force are prepared to engage as a political battle, not just a legal one.

I think the 'Crats know they can't win legally, but that doesn't matter - the political war is what consumes their entire concern.

Part and parcel of the on-going need for the 'Crats (ACFs) to have a wicked bad-guy character to rally against. Everyone knows the 'Crats have no effectiveness or political identity without strident, militant opposition to everything conservatives want.

If conservatives came out publicly against murder, the 'Crats would eventually adopt a policy platform that favors murder. It's that mechanically simple.

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