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Lunch - re Chicago P.D.
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

09/10/2021, 18:21:59

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I've figured out what bothered me about Chicago P.D. at the outset (remember, I said that the characters were 'sterile'?).

After watching a slew of episodes, I've decided that the plots are good (some are excellent), the character development works.

Technically, the squad shows the most accurate small arms discipline during raids I've ever seen, from deployment to entry to room-clearing. For TV Filmland, that is not only a rarity, but this show is the only example. It's a good bet that the cast received real tactical training in that regard - my compliments to the producers.

But this one thing still bugs me - no one in the show sports a Chicago accent a la Dennis Farina or the city cops in The Fugitive.

That includes victims, CIs, EMTs.... NOBODY.

To enjoy it, I've gotta suspend the title as a prerequisite because there ain't nothing "Chicago" about it.

Overall, Blue Bloods comes off as authentic top-to-bottom, but Chicago P.D. doesn't.

¿Me entiendes?



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