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It is funny, but the product is unhealthy.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/09/2021, 13:27:41

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Jif has hydrogenated vegetable oil in it, which is very bad for your health. See, the makers add oil etc to get a smooth, creamy texture - unfortunately many still use hydrogenated vegetable oil to do that.

The problem with hydrogenated oil is this - hydrogenation is the same thing as "rancid". See, when fat of any kind spoils, it becomes unhealthy and hydrogenates (becomes rancid). The makers of the product are able to remove any bad taste from the hydrogenated oil, but the unhealthy aspect of the oil itself remains - it is still rancid and the body does not derive nutrition from it, it derives toxins/poisonous molecules which actually cause free-radical activity in the cells to increase, damaging the DNA.

Any product with hydrogenated oil is going to be bad for your health. Period. There are plenty of peanut butter products out there without hydrogenated oil. I like one sold by Walmart as "natural"* which requires some stirring and refrigeration after opening, but tastes wonderful - as good or better than any product like Jif or Skippy with hydrogenated oil. Don't eat rancid food. It's bad for you.

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