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...and same thing again this week. Workers infected each other but no members of the public.
Re: 755 people got Covid from work in a seven day period,, not ONE non-worker was infected. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/08/2021, 03:00:39

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Most recent clusters in my town were employees of a church (5) and an In-and-Out burger (4). Nobody who was the general public, a customer or vendor tested positive. I note that all of the above-infected were in heavily-Latino (Mexican) parts of town.

The number of Latinos infected in Los Angeles is three- times more than whites, six-times more than blacks. By far Latinos have the highest death-rate for any ethnic demographic, followed closely by blacks.

Higher death rates are linked to lower income (the lower it is, the higher the death rate), which explains why Latinos and blacks die more when infected - (higher poverty rates).

Lower-income correlates to more morbid obesity/diabetes - both of which are prime-risk factors for serious illness/death from Wuhan Flu.

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