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Endless Marxist demands to tolerate deviate opinions as "normal" was the camel-nose under the tent-flap.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/06/2021, 15:26:00

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Per Alinsky's plan in Rules for Radicals, revolutionary socialism was to be injected into the capitalist enemy nation using incrementalism, not blunt-force methods.

That has worked well for the radical revolutionary socialists. First tolerance for those expressing deviate (cacogenic) proclivities/ideas is demanded. Then favoritism, then preference, then exclusive power to deviates is delivered.

That is all along the lines of the old joke:

Bull#1 - (Observing peaceful herd of cows grazing in the meadow below) Let's run down there and (vulgarity for "mate with") one!!

Bull#2 - I've got a better idea, let's WALK down there and (vulgarity for "mate with") ALL of them.

The traditional (non-Marxist) attitude of U.S. government toward criminal activity may be best summarized in a line from the classic libertarian Clint Eastwood film, Dirty Harry...

Det. Callahan: (disbelieving the discussion of paying ransom to Scorpio) WHAT !?! You're not going to pay this psycho are you!?!

Mayor: (proudly) This government does not pay criminals NOT to commit crimes, instead we pay law enforcement to PREVENT them from committing crimes.

Radical revolutionary socialists have never seen an appeasement plan they didn't like. It is the nature of vicious cowards to avoid any and all policies involving direct confrontation of evil.

Not one of them is willing to draw a real line in the sand, with the warning, "Terminus Est. This is the line of division between what is permissible and not permissible".

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