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Covid positive test, hospitalization, death rates all continue to decline - now at same level as 30 days ago.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/31/2021, 14:22:00

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Los Angeles is prolly a good canary-in-a-coalmine for the worst the epidemic will generally bring to the U.S. this summer. The latest "spike" turned out to last only two weeks - only a month to return to the record lower-levels of thirty-days ago. Two weeks of climbing, then two of declines. Big friggin' wupp.

It was not a trend upward to new shutdowns, despite some of the 'Crats rooting for the virus so they could continue to boss people/businesses around like Nazis. (Shivering fingers in everyone's faces).

Though there are some sectors where populations are so rife with infection that they are not safe to traverse, they are rare. Some have suggested travel-bans to/from those areas, but that is politically expensive, so few politicians have the guts to pursue them.

This is increasingly a disease/epidemic affecting the poorer, less edumacated (sic) demographics. Just as HIV/AIDS eventually became a disease which rarely strayed outside high-risk groups, so Covid-19 Flu is becoming similar.

Most people who are infected now are either Latino, low-income, someone living in a nursing home, or someone living in or associating closelhy/regularly with someone living in a multi-generational home (young and older people living together in the same residence). People who meet in large groups without following protocols are also high risk (church choirs, glee squads at high school, private parties which ignore protocols).

Anyone who is not in one of those groups can relax a bit. Stay away from people who are likely high-risk (indoor partiers like Barack Obama, Latinos, lower-income blacks, lower-income Asians and other low-income people).

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