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Don't let it bring you's all $$$...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/31/2021, 12:44:27

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...genuflecting before the mass market. Most are doing such things to follow trends - they will drop it as soon as they have a chance.

One problem for the 'Crats is their general downward trend in public polling is also bringing down the peripheral issues with which they associate themselves. People are souring on 'Cratism generally - driven by the central-issues of failures in national security, foreign relations, spending, energy, race-relations is dragging down support for the less-prominent leftist daily causes - you know the usual list of Sins of Others rescripted verbatim from the Communist Manifesto to wit; Caucasian, capitalist, conservative, Christians are to blame for everything bad, and the 'Crats are to thank for everything good! - Joseph Biden, a swiftly-declining 80 year-old with the mind of a kindergartener (albeit a precocious one).

How long until Joseph Biden's press conferences will be like Hannibal Lecter's dinner with Clarice Starling and her corrupt FBI-boss, Krendler...

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