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Chicago PD doesn't often have the elegant, folksiness of B.B. (Selleck adds sophistication to casts)
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/31/2021, 12:40:29

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Blue Bloods
is a first-rate show without a doubt - it clearly has what I think historians call, "cultural significance". It has a little more of a "mythical" feel to it like Normal Rockwell paintings than Chicago PD - maybe a little out-of-reach for most of us. A myth in the positive (Jungian*) sense of something to aspire toward.

Chicago PD may be just as significant - it's more about the ruthless demarche required from LEOs to route/dispatch the worst scoundrels. 'Very little subtlety. Chicago PD is more about how to get down dirty without getting dead. It reminds me of Akira Kurosawa and of Mickey Spillane's views of the brutality of the world - accepting ruefully as a feature of existence.

Blue Bloods is for me about fundamental values of normal people being the central pillar of civilization.

Both shows have a Shakespearean feel sometimes. The issues which plagued the Medici also affect us in our time - disease, social disorder, corrupt government fools with unlimited power/wealth, crime.

* Myth - In the Jungian definition, the word refers to the "personal beliefs held which present the best opportunity for happiness/fulfillment (self-actualization)." He is not referring to Don Quixote or King Arthur and the K of the RT, or Hercules. He means the essential ideas about how to be the person we want to be and happy -not something fanciful.

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