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Computer Graphics Interface has come a long way since "Terminator 2" and "Starship Trooper".
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/31/2021, 12:21:05

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The Jan Du Bont/Paul Verhoeven version of Heinlein's classic SF novel Starship Trooper was the first #1 movie sold as a digital versatile disk to the public instead of just VHS/BETA tape. It also held the best-selling DVD crown for several months.

After that the technique just took off in H-Wood productions (James Cameron's Terminator 2). Today CGI effects are found in virtually all action/horror/SF films which can afford them. It costs about the same to shoot scenes with a CGI company using stand-ins in front of greenscreens as it does to hire human actors and "film". FYI they use the generic term "shoot" for recording cinema with either film/digital cameras. It's a "shoot" whether it's digital or film. 

I remember driving by the flood control channel at the intersection of the I-405 / I-134 for weeks seeing the 60-foot high brightly-lit greenscreen background/scaffolds towering a half-mile away in the middle of nowhere. That was for the Iron Man series of movies it turned out. 

The producers extracted several billion dollars from the world movie ticket/merchandising sales with those sets. 

As soon as H-Wood found there was gold to be mined from CGI companies, they went all-in writing checks to turn them loose on the world. 

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