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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

08/30/2021, 12:00:41

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Opinion | The Taliban and the Second Amendment

Aug. 29, 2021 1:28 pm ET
1-2 minutes

Regarding Anthony Gill’s op-ed “Economists Explain the Taliban” (Aug. 26): A few weeks ago (although it seems like years), President Biden mocked Second Amendment supporters who maintain that the right to bear arms is necessary to mitigate government overreach. Mr. Biden remarked that anyone resisting the government would need jets and nuclear weapons—otherwise, he implied, they were doomed to fail in the face of a hypothetical government onslaught. But history has taught us over and over again that a determined foe can outlast a technologically superior force through sheer human will, and often with terror. The Viet Cong, Mujahedeen and Taliban are only the more recent examples.

Mr. Gill’s article is a reminder that we often underestimate people we don’t understand, with immense consequences. It is easy to denigrate and lampoon the Taliban as a ragtag anachronism. But that anachronism just beat the world’s leading superpower.

Rick Miller

Wallingford, Pa.


Liberty is paramount. Government is an afterthought.

Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

Liberals are people who stand on their heads and insist that the world is upside-down.

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