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Marxists have used this simple equation forever - if the laws only permit them to do the things they want to do in exceptional circumstances, they just dream them up one by one for everything the law otherwise forbids.
Re: "[T]he U.S. Supreme Court has previously held that courts can overturn agency actions under the Administrative Procedure Act when the agency’s stated rationale behind the action is contrived." - Let's hope that the SCOTUS works in our favor. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/27/2021, 12:36:01

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Marxists view government as a mechanism that is exactly like a modern vending machine. They see all of the goodies - the  power to force people to do things in their slots behind the glass (banning/hindering ammunition sales). They believe that all they should have to do is insert the proper coins and they will receive their prize! 

Never mind that restricting/banning the sale of ammunition for political reasons is arguably unconstitutional. There are so many lines of questioning which lead to precedents (Heller, etc.) and "judicial deja vu" (haven't we been here before?)

Hoplophobe#1 - I sure wish we could legally just ban the sale of all ammunition.

Hoplophobe #2- Hell! I'd settle for banning ANY ammunition. 

H1- WAIT A MINUTE! I think you've got something there. 

H2- Hey! I hear ya! We've used Russia before...

H1- That's it ! We tell them we're banning only RUSSIAN ammunition. It's not a ban (YES! IT IS!!) it's a SANCTION, so it's not illegal!!


H1- It does violence to the Constitution and to many other of our enemies!! All under pretense of a "special circumstance". Let's start a list of "special circumstances" for EVERYTHING!!! WHEEEEEEEE!!!! 

Such incremental "camel nose under the tent" is not futile, it's more like chipping away at a foundation that eventually collapses (Alinskyism - incremental invasion/conquest over an enemy nation). 

 The government can't legally discriminate against one industry (fossil fuels) UNLESS they dream up some sort of "national emergency" which allows them to discriminate against one industry (AGM- Global Warming). VOILA! Suddenly the 'Crats who run the U.S. government can discriminate against  fossil fuels, PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS because there is all of a sudden a CRISIS that gives them the right. 

Nearly identical with fire arms. 'Can't ban them legally, but if there is a (Cue: Porgie Tirebiter):"... declared emergency!" They need to declare ANOTHER emergency crisis which will give government ANOTHER excuse to ignore the Constitution and ban firearms, confiscate firearms, oppress and drive firearms companies out of business. An "emergency" gives them the legal authority to ignore the Constitution AGAIN!

The list is growing long. Each item on their Marxist agenda has under the 'Crats, acquired it's own special "crisis designation" allowing them to do things that are arguably unconstitutional and therefore, illegal. 

Can't just eradicate the borders? BOOM, another "crisis" allows you to let millions of illegal immigrants into the country which would otherwise be what??? UNCONSTITUTIONAL and therefore, illegal. VOILA! You HAVE to let them all in you see, because there is a CRISIS!!! (shivering fingers in your face). 

Even the oppression of 'Crat-run government against the middle class - countless thousands of middle class small business owners have lost or will lose their business because of the prolonged flu crisis. Interesting that one of the side effects (benefits from the political POV) is that one in five small businesses in Mexifornia have gone under. Most of them are most likely inclined to vote conservative. BONUS!! We have a never-ending crisis that is having a disproportionate effect on middle-income Americans (who just happen to usually vote conservative). How convenient for the 'Crats. 

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