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The premise of the show is that "corruption" is a relative term.
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08/27/2021, 11:53:07

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The Det. Voight character is like a combination of Captain Horatio Hornblower (stern disciplinarian, but passionate in supporting his fanatically-loyal crew) and Det. Harry Callahan (pragmatic iconoclast who has no patience with  interference with his quest for justice). 

Among the "corrupt" things Sgt. Voight has done is to "redirect" captured money from raids to a private "fund" he uses when his Intelligence Unit needs operating cash but can't get it through legitimate channels. For example, he once dipped into the reserve fund for buy money for a take-down when the City ran out of cash due to administrative issues. Nobody needed to know he got the cash from his own personal fund, not the city's. 

He also sometimes uses the fund to reward cooperative people he deals with who get screwed by the system or who do great things which have not been rewarded appropriately. He once got a lot of help solving a case from a young local hood sincerely trying to get out of gang life, so rewarded the hood and his mother by giving them enough cash to relocate out of Chicago so they could start over somewhere his gang couldn't reach him. 

Voight also has a vast library of dirt on politicians and power-brokers in his city which he uses when necessary to defend himself, his operations and his allies against craven attacks/oppression by person's/factions which oppose them. 

Voight is an introverted-extrovert, a moralist who yet clearly understands the limits of morality in obtaining justice, so Voight does not shy from bending/breaking/ignoring rules when there is no other viable option for a good outcome. 

The motivations for Voight's extra-legal actions are always supremely moral/rational, not neurotic, selfish or egocentric. 

The essential purpose for laws and their enforcement is to obtain justice, so the spirit of the law is preserved by Voight scrupulously, even if the means are not always purely by-the-book. 

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