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ACF's hysterical accusations of infamy by whites is pure racialism. Whites are not infecting non-whites.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/25/2021, 07:53:45

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THe whole ACF narrative that those who are refusing to be vaccinated are the primary drivers of the infection, transmission, hospitalization and fatality rates. 

PURE B.S.!! Most non-white people currently being infected don't hang around much near white people (vaccinated or otherwise).

So the refusal to vaccinate by Caucasians has no causal link to infection-rates, rising or falling. Generally most infected are black, Latino, multi-generational-housed, constricted workers breathing  each other's air - or people who go to big gatherings of people ignoring all guidelines. 

Generally speaking, all or most of the above goes on predominately in the non-White culture. Some churches have generated clusters of infections, just as many other public businesses. Religion by definition involves communion, which is a primary vector for the Wuhan Flu to spread.  Another reason I wonder if this was not a James Bond-movie type engineered bioweapon intended to destroy entire nations. 

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