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The Rolling Stones are no more as lifelong drummer Charlie Watts retires.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/24/2021, 16:08:55

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That is a rueful, bad joke to some degree - by "retire", I mean he passed away. Charlie is...was, the best. Period. His meter was unparalleled in live performance - superhuman.

If the Stones try to tour without him on drums, they will have finally become a complete and utter Mad magazine joke. Well, they passed that point for me long ago - especially Jagger, who looks stranger every year without gray hair and a butt like two bee bees. He doesn't look skinny, he looks emaciated.

a uniquely-interesting Fox article about Mr. Watts's life at the link...

I remember seeing a Mad magazine joke-page about the Stones long ago - the artist had drawn the members of the band like stereotypical old people holding themselves up on stage with walkers/crutches, in bathrobes, slippers ...

I remember the first time the band "retired" then came back again, I thought they were a joke. There was (according to musician friends who saw their shows) no more fire in the jams. They used to be known for partying on stage and rocking the crap out of their sets. That has forever evaporated into history.

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