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The Never-Ending predicted, hospitalization rates falling (as administrators release non-symptomatic patients).
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/24/2021, 05:22:26

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As I predicted, even in the heart of the worst demographics (with the least compliance with risk-reduction guidelines) for flu infection (Los Angeles, Ca) the most-critical numbers are falling - deaths have remained flat (within the margin of error) while hospitalizations increases appear to be largely caused by administrative choices to be extra cautious (revenue-conscious) and to hospitalize a large percentage of positive-testing people "as a precaution". Then, when actual symptomatic patients increase, the administrators then order the less-symptomatic patients released/replaced by more-symptomatic ones.

So in a way, the hospitals are helping the government generate paranoia because they are reporting "higher hospitalization rates" (which gets them paid a lot more). Interesting connection between reporting higher hospitalization rates and making a LOT more money. Hmm. 

Statistically the above causes a swift rise, a protracted plateau, then gradual reduction sustained downward trend over time. The. End.  

This constant shivering of the fingers in front of the People's faces with one flaccid, vacuous bogus dire prediction after another collapsing into the reality of something utterly different.

Virtually no significant percentage of patients hospitalized because they are to some degree symptomatic are ending up in ICU (outside of gradual, predictable rises with the greater infection rates). 

IOW, this was to some degree a self-created increase. The increase in hospitalizations is to a large degree an artifact of administration, not so much a reflection of an actual spike in symptomatic patients (outside higher-risk demographics). 

At the heart of the objections of many under onerous state regulation/restriction is the fact that there is little clinical connection between communities with/without high populations of high-risk people . People are not being infected by strangers. Only those in multi-generational residences, nursing home residents, workers sharing enclosed spaces with coworkers, people who attend gatherings where many are high-risk persons who do not observe safety protocols are being infected. 

People are not getting sick in mostly-white communities by normal activities (excluding those mentioned above). People are getting sick in enclaves which have mostly gone from no-greater than 50% compliance rate with safety guidelines to nearly 0% - which drives the increases in infection. 

People are almost never getting infected by any means but airborne-particulate contact - not from touching a cart at the supermarket. Never. 

So this is only a crisis in isolated areas, because there are no super-spreader events driving infections outside immediate (familiar) contact radius. 

The 'Crats are pretending it's still a generalized crisis, but in reality it's percolating down the way HIV/AIDS did, confining itself to a very narrow segment of the population (those at highest risk for infection/death ONLY). 

If a lot of people are getting sick in Pacoima, that doesn't mean people in Hidden Hills need to shelter in place. Just because people who work in factories, sit next to each other, get sick  doesn't mean a food server at an upscale open-air shopping mall in Beverly Hills needs to behave as if the Andromeda Strain is wafting through the air around them.

Just because some asshole in Newhall wants to throws weekly f*cking Quinceanera parties at his ghetto apartment building and ten people get sick, doesn't mean a business across town where none of those people would ever go needs to remain shut down.  

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