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A.C.F. (or ACF) Anti-Conservative Fanatic
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/20/2021, 16:47:58

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Democrats referred to as such because they are defined ideologically by a fanatic opposition to anything or candidate which they assign as emanating from conservatism or classical liberalism.

Anti-Conservative Fanaticism is actually defined by hate, rage addiction and schizoaffective anger. Some are anhedonic, sadistic, vicious cowards whose only pleasure in life is causing (or trying to cause) loss, injury, destruction or even death to come to those whom they believe to be their enemies.

Fanaticism is a state of mind where the principle feels confident in refusing to question or reconsider their views. They are not interested in any information, perceptions or opinions which do not align with their own. In some cases when challenged they will violently avoid rational engagement in topical discussion, collapsing swiftly into intense vituperation, even threats or even physical violence. Typical rage-addicts work themselves up into frenzy of psychotic hate prior to attacks - sort of like the way the Manson Family did under the leadership of Charlie.

Though not all Democrats self-describe as "liberal or very liberal", the true ACF "ideology" has nothing whatsoever to do with Classical Liberalism or the remotest relation to small-"L" libertarianism (with which the Democrat party has campaigned as promoting for the last century at least).

Anti-conservative fanatics are only defined purely by their opposition to whatever the public perception of conservatism may be at any given time. There is no positive, objective reference-point for ACF ideology in any objective, consistent, rational sense. They as a group have no positive, precise public-policy stance on anything which is not immediately disavowed if public perception does not react well to it*.

The lack of rational consistency other than a fundamental compulsive shrill opposition to any and all things conservative is one of the things which defines an ACF, apart from someone of another ideological POV.

* This sleazy, insincere attitude is well demonstrated in how the Soviet Union's government treated Stalin - while in office, Stalin was revered publicly by people like Kruschev as a genius and great humanitarian. After Stalin died and lost favor as an icon for the Party, Kruschev excoriated, reviled and condemned Stalin in every conceivable way.
ACFs will say almost literally anything with a straight face, no matter how outlandishly, blatantly absurd.

That is why I find the name Daily Cause so hilarious - Marxists (ACFs) will adopt whatever supposed belief they think they can convince others in order to accomplish their goals. Narcissism, egotism drives the typical ACF psyche, not normal, healthy behavior or self-actualizing.

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