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When WaPo columnist makes admissions of "chaos" in ranks of 'Crats, you know they are in trouble politically.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/19/2021, 14:07:52

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David Ignatius a hyper-partisan scoundrel, long-time apologist for radical socialist, anti-conservative fanatics has had to use the "C" word (chaos) in his scrambling to find some sort of "positive message" (the imperative of apologists) in the unfolding catastrophe in Afghanistan. 

He actually admitted recently that it was the Biden administration's duty to "reduce chaos" not increase it. Well DUH. Someone call the press, a 'Crat truffle hound has actually sniffed out the truth.

When 'Crat propaganda corps start speaking the truth, you know things are bad for the 'Crats. 

The conflict between what the 'Crat do and what they SAY about what they do has reached a cusp. The mendacity-level is no longer "sustainable". heh 

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