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That fool is a non-entity - pronounces his name "Col-BARE" instead of how it is actually pronounced (it's German) Colbert (with a "T" at the end).
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/18/2021, 19:16:42

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Colbert is ashamed of his German heritage - that is how much of a bigot he is - suspicious, disdainful of an entire country including their names, because of a war fought almost a century ago by Hitler.

What sort of complete jerk dishonors his parents by mispronouncing their last name out of shame that they were German? An a-hole like Stephen COLBERT (with a"T" )

He is an utterly worthless individual as far as I can tell, who will have to do much to remove the shame his parents feel (felt) at his disrespect to them simply for being German.

Disgusting cowardly verminous Marxist filth. No doubt he does not even acknowledge his own ACF/Marxist fanaticism (none do - Alinsky 101 "never admit to being a socialist").

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