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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/18/2021, 00:08:15

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...a catastrophic confluence of disastrous decisions, calamities linked by a single factor.

A " 'Cratalagmous" incident.

It is literally so rife with chaos being fomented, permitted, enabled by the 'Crats "led" by Joseph Biden that it is impossible to track/catalog the ongoing tidal-wave of catastrophes.

Not the least crisis is the now-largely looming crisis of leadership in the White House. We have "Barely-There" Biden in a ship of state that is apparently rudderless, circling open waters randomly - and this is called by them "leadership".

Even listing them all takes some time now, 'cause it grows by the minute:

-Energy production paralysis (fossil fuel industry being shut down)

- Afghanistan horror

- Border crisis

- Plague mismanagement (Cuomo, other 'Crat governors)

- Space program misfiring

- Defunding LEOs escalating violent crime

-Businesses being shut down by oppressive, rationally- unjustifiable government ('Crats).

- Assault on normality by federal government, forcing CRT into public schools, forcing vaccination on educators, forcing public schools to allow genetically male athletes to compete as female, discriminating against Christians/whites in government.

- Pandemic - follow the politics. Statist posturing as they struggle not to let the crisis end or go to waste so they can increase the power of government as a political weapon for the faction in power.

- Military being outspent by PRC especially in navy - gains generated during Trump administration being eroded, erased - putting U.S. security at risk into the next century.

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