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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/17/2021, 01:21:27

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...LA County Covid-19 information includes three-day averages, demographics, contact-tracing info, lists of locations of infections, tables with hospitalization data graphs, maps.

I peruse the information, summarize it here for your enjoyment.

Virtually all of the infections are occurring in the same high-risk environments among the same demographics. Lower-income people have higher-reported death rate (per 100K pop) due to several factors - generally lower education/ hygiene, unhealthy diets, multi-generational residences, low compliance with distancing/sterilization protocols, also higher incidence rate of highest comorbidity factor excessive body weight / diabetes.

The levels have dropped recently with all still well-below the levels of the peak months (especially deaths/hospitalizations with severe symptoms - all declining again after what may be a short seasonal spike (same thing occurred last year at this time) .

There are other sources (CDC fed website) for more-technical info on things like transmission rate.

One glance at the map with color-codes zones, lighter being lower average numbers of infection to darker blue higher infections. The zones with the biggest problems in L.A. County are all in lower-income, ethnic minority areas.

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