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Enemies foreign and domestic.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/16/2021, 14:05:06

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For the 'Crats, that phrase elicits Utopian fantasies of a "global socialist paradise" where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts (nods to Kurt Vonnegut II).

For patriots the definition of "enemy" is "anyone who declares themselves to be your enemy".

The political tone has been set largely by the radical revolutionary socialist 'Crats, whose militant wing includes ANTIFA and the BLM movements. In times past , (Patrick Moynihan call your office) political adversity had at worst, people in opposing factions being "adversaries".

See, an adversary may be a short-term competition - competing candidates, issues, public policies. Then there are those who define themselves as another's "enemy".

In Nazi Germany Hitler's National Socialist Party defined Jewish people and other groups they identified as "enemies" not just adversaries.

The key difference is hate. The only really objective definition that comes to mind for the term "hate" is; " the desire or an action to see great harm, loss or destruction come to another".

Civilized people can even as adversaries agree on common goals (general prosperity, national security, protection of children from exploitation/violent crime) while disagreeing on the best manner in which to achieve those things through public policy. There is no desire or intention to cause harm, loss or destruction to the other simply because of disagreement over methodology.

But when a political movement defines itself by the dehumanization, denigration, persecution, eradication of anyone who disagrees with that movement on policy, it largely and increasingly defines them not as adversaries worthy of regard, but ENEMIES worthy of NOTHING good and maybe even murder...

One of the great expositions of this idea - that regarding others not as adversaries but enemies, inevitably leads to violence, is in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment (the Marxist rationalizations used as excuses by the desperate lunatic Raskolinikov who murders a landlady with an ax, takes her money).

That is where we are today apparently with the Joseph Biden regime. The radical revolutionary socialists consider ANYONE and EVERYONE who does not bow down to their Ruling Class as ENEMIES. That includes THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which does not want radical revolutionary socialism in the USA, nor the eradication of the Constitution as the supreme Law of the Land.

Once someone goes from being an adversary to being an enemy, the outcome is inevitable - traced by every tyrannical socialist government in the last 100 years. Tyranny changes form only, but the HATRED for normality, innocence, sanity, morality endures.

Just looking at the mounting needless chaos, destruction, loss and death which has occurred during just the first year of this disastrous regime, it is alarming to consider what may occur in the next three years.

"Either you're with me or you're my enemy." - Darth Vader from Star Wars:Revenge of the Sith

Consciously treating adversaries as enemies is Satanic. It has been discouraged by every civilized culture since the dawn of civilization. If it has to be explained why to someone, there is little point.

Of course, it takes two to make peace, only one to make war, so it is possible for one faction to make enemies out of others who were not previously.

Both Hitler's and Stalin's proclivity for declaring anyone who disagreed with or opposed them strongly an enemy was a pillar of their basic policy toward the universe. The horror of such men in power is disgusting to contemplate.

Chaos is "running" the U.S. government, no stable foreign policy (as usual for 'Crats) just letting chaos run rampant in the whole world and especially in the US, then use deft political machinery to hold onto power even when most people disagree with the government's actions.

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