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What is the Joseph Biden administration doing wrong? Everything...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/15/2021, 17:32:58

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...and everything else. Chaos has overtaken virtually every aspect of federal government, out-of-control illegal immigration, out-of-control crime/violence in big cities, out-of-control government overreach forcing anti-American, anti-Caucasian beliefs into U.S. public schools, out of control drug abuse in the streets, out-of-control homeless incursion to regular neighborhoods, out-of-control job losses caused by government intrusion/regulation/restrictions, out-of-control government corruption (with Democrats anyway), out-of-control divisiveness in society (racialism promoted by 'Crats pushing identity politics), out-of-control foreign policy disasters (botched Afghan pullout), out-of-control spending (Cloward-Piven-level profligate spending on a Marxist wish-list disguised as "infrastructure".

The only good thing about any of that is polling is showing that the 'Crats are increasingly getting blamed for the massive, increasing chaos/disorder. Biden going on vacation the same week that Afghanistan falls to the Taliban after being protected for 20 years. That's a great decision. 'Bet his handlers did that - better than letting him answer reporter questions.

Once again the 'Crats have gone from campaign promises of "there's nothing we cannot do!!" to, "We're sorry, there's nothing we can do..."

They unleash and enable the forces of chaos and then pretend that they have absolutely nothing to do with it. They expect to get all of the credit for anything that goes well (such as the stock-market) and ZERO blame for anything that goes wrong (everything else).

The only good thing about any of that is it appears (at least for now) that the voting public will be influenced by current events as they continue to deteriorate through next year.

People who voted for the 'Crats in the last national election may finally be starting to understand that Biden is not an altruist - he is a used-car salesman with Alzheimer's dementia who has found a way to become POTUS (only in the democrat party).

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