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Bottom line in L.A. County, Ca., if you are not in a high-risk group, you will never get sick.
Re: Just as HIV/AIDs is a focused epidemic (those outside of high-risk groups are largely unlikely to have problems). -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/15/2021, 17:08:14

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Some segments of the population have abandoned all safety protocols (as many in lower-income communities have largely done from the beginning). Those are the demographics from which increased infections, hospitalization and deaths are occurring - lower-income working Latinos, blacks, non-English-speaking residents and people who associate with them.

Stay away from those people and you will not get infected, regardless of whether you wear a mask, get vaccinated or not. Don't share air with those you don't know in an enclosed space for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Transmission rate is up a little, which is one of the key indicators, but that is only in the sectors mentioned above- not generally. General population transmission rate is still at or very near "1", so the infections are local, not widely pervasive. There are a lot of local outbreaks but no general trend upward of the transmission rate, hospitalization or death rate.

If people want to find someone to blame for major increases in their community, most likely the people to blame are Latino, black, non-English speaking as a first language or someone who lives/works in a nursing home.

Everyone else can pretty much go on with life as normal without worrying about catching the flu.

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