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Just as HIV/AIDs is a focused epidemic (those outside of high-risk groups are largely unlikely to have problems).
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/15/2021, 16:55:09

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As we reach the end stages of the pandemic (at least in this nation) it is true-to-form becoming more contagious but also a little less virulent (lower hospitalization/death rate than previously).

In my own community, most of the infections have occurred at the local prisons/jails, (where inmates have generally done their best to contract the disease if possible and pass it to staff). Still with a very low death-rate (15 deaths out of 5,000 infected inmates and guards).

The second biggest amount of infections has been of course at nursing homes, followed by private businesses. The incidents where students were infected involved high-school cheer leading teams (not surprisingly). A couple of T.V. production studios. Some small healthcare services companies. No deaths associated with any of those.

Even in Los Angeles, as I predicted, as the infection rate has risen, hospitals have not been overwhelmed, because the increases are so relatively small that administrators have easily adjusted their bed-assignments in closed and ICU wards to the most-potentially serious cases, relocating the less serious cases to release or other non-critical-care facilities. So the numbers of hospitalizations has stayed about the same gradual rate of increase. Hospitalizations have leveled off as the number of seriously symptomatic cases has not increased much comparatively to the peak of the epidemic.

So once again, those being infected are those who live in multi-generational residences, work or associate closely with others they know personally who infect them, or work in a nursing home or healthcare environment (or incarcerated criminals, who are trying to get sick).

There is no general spike in either the hospitalization rate or death rate that is approaching anywhere near the levels of the peak of the pandemic.

No super-spreader events at all in Mexifornia, except perhaps among the illegal immigrants being housed by the Joseph Biden regime until they can be released into the country without any expectation of ever being "processed" or issued legal status.

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