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BTW, wonder if you're familiar with the rise/fall of Stalin? Some of what's going on is reflected in Stalin's regime.
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08/13/2021, 06:48:25

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The fact that we as U.S. citizens / permanent-residents and sane people understand what a privilege it is to live in one of the first and only nations to become a free representative, Constitutional republic founded (to a large degree) upon the noble ancient Roman Republic. We change power over federal state and local government by peaceful consensus in elections. We do not (until recent BLM/ANTIFA violence explosions) draw blood by using violence as a means of first resort. 

Stalin would have found our situation hilarious. He was not a fan of democracy - he liked oligarchy driven by an autocracy (himself). He and Lenin cracked jokes about bookworm/scholar Trotskii behind his back (Stalin later had  him assassinated), saying that Trotskii, "...knows absolutely nothing about politics". 

Stalin would probably believe that we were a fraternity of weaklings. He was a monstrous pig who caused immeasurable, needless suffering to untold tens of millions of innocent people. But he was in a sick way a realist. He would have sympathized with those who wanted to use election fraud as a means to obtain power, then to sustain it. He would also have been sympathetic to the desire of those endeavoring to manipulate vote-collection, storage, distribution and counting to their side's advantage (whether illegal or not)  who didn't want any scrutiny on theirs or their agent's actions. 

Stalin was cut from the same cloth as the Borgias of Machiavelli's time or the Satanic Roman Empire (the monster that grew from the noble Republic), or the Persians of Xerxes time. Vile, reptilian, vulgar animals which wear clothing and speak. Lucretia Borgia did...questionable things with her own hand more than once. 

When people start messing around with voting laws to make it easier to commit fraud or otherwise tinker with security weaknesses/flaws in election P and P's - we have a problem. 

Thanks again for doing what you do with these investigations. The reports are fascinating as Hell.

The ACFs argument to this evidence is to throw angry, vituperative tantrums - IOW, change the subject. Calm elucidation as you and Teebone, among others specialize sways those observing the exchange. Some smart people are still swayed by rational information, not all raw, savage, violent emotion and cloying chaotic hunch-worship.  

I'm too blunt and confrontational - people who disagree with me are put off by my manner (contemptuous), but you and Teebone manage to be civilized purveyors of Truth. Two good natured Golden Retrievers to my own slobbering, slavering, snarling-vicious Staffordshire Terrier flews. 

Cue: Elvis Costello: (singing) RED fleee-oows. The angels wanna wear my red flews...

Is that true that the states where the top officials are ('Crat) Party members have closed all related investigations into the 2020 National election? Just KILLED the investigations???

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