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As many facts shift against the Statist narratives, danger approaches.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/12/2021, 13:21:43

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The Republicans whose party includes most authentically conservative political representatives seem to still be playing catch-up with the facts. They are arguing facts with people who will just make them up, generate them through corrupt sources, self-justify everything they do in pure Machiavellian/Alinskyite warfare.

Recent information shows no super-spreader events resulting from things the Biden regime, et al, other monger-Crats are trying to ban (fear, anxiety, fear, anxiety. Did I mention you should be very afraid and anxious?) That suggests in the Machiavellian sense, the 'Crats won't just give up, they will invent OTHER facts to refute the actual facts. Obfuscate, subvert, promulgate propaganda.

We recently saw how some state governments (like Mexifornia), decided to count every death of a human being who had a positive test for Wuhan Flu as a plague-caused death. This gave two great benefits to two major "players" in the "pandemic emergency" - hospitals got to receive state/federal funding for each plague-designated death, and the state politicians got to shiver their fingers in the faces of the population with hugely inflated death rates (possibly 20% or higher than it was).

Enough scrutiny was placed on this sick arrangement that the State of California was obligated to change their statistical rule recently. They now claim to count only those deaths which were "directly caused by Wuhan Flu". So if a 5 ft 3 in diabetic who weighs 350 lbs dies from a hypertension attack, then is found to have tested positive for the virus, he will no longer be counted as a "pandemic caused death".

Countless doctors scoffed at the previous method, saying there was no medical reason to simply declare by political fiat, that anyone who tested positive for a virus died as a result. The deadly symptoms of the virus are known, so it is not difficult clinically speaking, for a competent physician to deduce probable cause of death with available information.

The virus, per se, is like all viruses. Even though its unique features may change, they do so very gradually, and so may be mapped for analysis by doctors.

If someone tested positive for say, some other type of flu, then died in a hospital, the coroner would still want a scientifically accurate COD. A COD for someone who died of a heart attack but who also had the ordinary flu, would be "myocardial infarction" as COD, not "influenza".

Then Bidenskii's CDC tried to pull a fast one by doubling data on a report they released to the public. Then had to be dragged kicking and screaming to "correct" it.

My point is, the 'Crats will not give up, if they need compelling data to terrorize people into compliance with an oppressive, corrupt, destructive government, they will surely manufacture it somehow.

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